February—the border between winter and spring...unless you’re living in paradise on the Big Island, that is!

The February sales statistics have been released for the month of February, and Karen Bail is here to fearlessly lead you through the numbers to help you make an informed decision to advance all those real estate goals, no matter if you’re buying, selling, or looking to increase your investment portfolio.

On the whole, Big Island sales numbers continued normalizing back to their natural rate of pre-pandemic growth, with the median sales price for single-family homes coming in at $459,500, down 11% year-over-year. Condos, meanwhile, saw a slight growth of 2% year-over-year at $554,000 last month, whereas overall sales activity was much cooler (-43% for single-family units, -44% for condos) than we saw back in February of 2022.

However, and as per usual...don’t let the numbers fool you!

The numbers out of North Kona, South Kohala, and North Kohala are boffo as usual, with very health total sales and median prices across the eastern coastline:

North Kona

  • 49 single-family homes, $1 million median price
  • 44 condos, $555,000 median

South Kohala

  • 19 single-family homes, $892,500 median
  • 27 condos, $899,000 median

North Kohala

  • 11 single-family homes, $1.4 million median

Really goes to show you that the numbers alone never tell the full story—and if you’re looking for your own storybook ending, then Karen Bail is your gal. How’s about giving the Big Island’s very best realtor a call today and let’s get down to business?