Aloha, friends!

The holidays have come and gone, and we figured now’s the time to go over several of our most-asked FAQs, tips, and tricks around buying and selling a home here on the Big Island of Hawai’i to help you make 2023 a year for the books and beyond. Let’s get started!

For the home buyers:

What’s the deal with fee simple and leasehold on the Big Island? This can definitely be a sticking point and more than a little confusing. In a nutshell, fee simple owners own the land and the improvements upon it, whereas leasehold owners lease the land and (usually, but not always) own the improvements. We wrote a blog not too long ago detailing each, which we also encourage you to check out.

How long does the process take? Unfortunately it’s hard to say, as there are several variables typically at play. Escrow is usually between 1-2 months, but each property and purchase is nothing if not unique!

How much might it cost to buy a home on the Big Island? Trick question—as a faithful reader of our blog, you know the old adage holds true—location, location, location! Why not check out the latest stats and see our breakdown for the month that was?

And for the home sellers:

How much work will it be to list my house for sale? A lot more work if you don’t go with a pro! Karen and her team will take all the headaches out of the process, helping you and yours to simplify an otherwise-complex process to the maximum.

How long until my house sells? Ultimately there are several factors that go into deciding when a home finds a buyer, many of which are up to the whims of the market, i.e. the time of year, the current interest rates, etc.

Should I fix up the place before going to market? It depends! Some houses could definitely benefit from some pre-sale TLC, whereas other circumstances will dictate placing your home on the market as-is.

And perhaps the most important question, buying or selling: why go with Karen Bail?

Let us count the ways!

  • A shimmering track record on the Big Island, with countless satisfied customers
  • An unrivaled knowledge of the marketplace
  • Expertise in every aspect of real estate
  • Abundant resources and a can-do attitude
  • Heaping helpings of aloha


To learn more, be sure and check out our list of currently featured properties, and be sure to scope out our advanced search to see all the single-family units, condos, and land available for sale on the Big Island of Hawai’i. And, of course, above all—make sure you give Karen a call so we can get started on turning those island dreams into a reality today!