Buying (or selling) a house is truly one of those landmark moments in life – and certainly not something to be taken lightly. These days, information is power, and buyers or sellers never want to be left in the dark around the process. 

When it comes to finding a trustworthy and reliable real estate agent on the Big Island, it pays to do your homework! Today, we’d like to share with you a few questions that are important to ask yourself when looking for the right realtor to work with here on the island of Hawai’i: 

Are they experienced? 

It definitely pays to go with a real estate professional with experience – in more ways than one! Buying and selling on the Big Island will require a seasoned professional to see you through every step of the process – and it will also save you money in the long run. If you’re looking secure that dream home before someone else snaps it up – or looking to maximize the value of your current home in the marketplace – then you’re going to need a realtor known for delivering the goods, time and time again. 

Are they local?

File this one under funny but true: not every Big Island real estate agent is actually living here on the island! This might not be as big of a deal back on the mainland – a real estate professional who lives in Ventura can still be effective in the Los Angeles market – but here in Hawai’i, things are a little bit different. You need a realtor with the local connections and feel for the island to guide you into the neighborhoods that suit your needs, not to mention an understanding of the culture and the movements of our local marketplace. 

Are they renowned?

How a real estate professional has been reviewed can say a lot about their business – after all, if someone took the time to leave a review, then the services they received must have left an impression (good or bad!). A realtor’s social media presence and online consumer reviews speak rather loudly about their overall level of engagement and level of expertise in the field, and it’s vital to do your research when it comes to vetting your next real estate professional. 

When in doubt…always go with the best

Thankfully, this one is a no-brainer! Quite simply, when it comes to finding a top-notch realtor on the Big Island, Karen Bail fits the bill:  

  • Over 30 years of experience as a real estate professional – right here on the island of Hawai’i

  • Credentialed by the National Association of Realtors, a Certified Property International Specialist, the Transnational Referral Network, and a Previews International Specialist, among others

  • She’s been a Big Island resident for over 40 years now (and a resident of the state since 1967!)

  • A litany of five-star reviews from longtime, satisfied customers on Zillow, Google, and Facebook


Ready to get started on making those island real estate dreams a reality? Don’t delay – give a call today!