How much does the weather change from season to season?

Hawaii has a great tropical climate that does not change much year-round. That said, you may find that some areas of the Island can have a drop in the average temperature by as much as 10 or 15 degrees seasonally! One could say that the Winter and Spring months tend to have more rain, but it is really hard to make generalizations like this, the weather is ALWAYS changing! One of the most amazing things about Hawaii is that if you find yourself surrounded by gray clouds and rain, it is a safe bet that you can drive less than 1 hour to a part of the island that is warm and sunny! The same goes if you want to escape the heat.

How can I move all of our personal belongings?

There are basically two options here, you can use a full-service shipping company to make it happen, or you can pack and load a container yourself and then just have the shipping company haul it away. If you are a regular do-it-yourself type of person/family, you can use a shipping company like Matson or Pasha to ship a full container (20-40 feet in length) from the West Coast to your Island destination. If you'd prefer to leave the details to the expert moving company, they can handle it all in a door-to-door move. Check out our Links section for information on how to contact some shippers.

Is it hard to bring our pets? What is involved?

Hawaii has an animal quarantine process that must be followed. More information can be found here.

How much higher is the cost of living in Hawaii?

The cost of living here is roughly 30% more than the national average, but please don't quote us on that. There are many factors that come into play so it is hard to come up with exact numbers. Also, it really depends where you shop. If you shop at Costco you may find the prices are about the same, but if you go to a convenience store you may find the prices are substantially higher. Remember, about 90% of all products here in Hawaii are shipped in!

What part of the island should I live on?

This depends on your personal taste. The Big Island of Hawaii is home to so many climatic zones, meaning that we have an incredibly diverse climate and you only have to drive a short while to go from one to the next. We have broken down the island into regions based on the climate on this page here.

What is "Island Fever"?

Some people move to Hawaii only to find that they can't quench the longing to move back home! Some call this "Island Fever". Living in a small state with small towns, a rural atmosphere and a tropical climate is not for everyone. We recommend that you make a point to visit the Islands a few times and explore the different areas to see which location you want to call home. You can drive Hawaii's Big Island in about 5 1/2 hours in a circle. That is the largest of the islands, the rest going down to about 4 for Maui and Oahu, 2 1/2 for Kauai and 1 for for Lanai and Molokai. Many people can only drive that circle so many times. Even if you typically stay within 2 hours of your house most of the year on the mainland, it's the IDEA that you CAN drive to another state if you want to. Here, you can't. You may very well be the kind of person that can handle that but honestly, you won't know that until you get there.