We hope you enjoyed our reporting on the final month’s statistics for the Big Island of Hawai’i in the prior year, and this week Karen Bail and company are here once again to help you make sense of the numbers as we cast our gaze towards the final year-end stats for 2022 to give you a sense of what was moving and shaking across the island—and, in particular, which Big Island neighborhoods did the best over the past twelve months.

As we’ve shared in the past, our local marketplace has re-corrected to a normative rate of growth in 2022 (relatively speaking for the Aloha State, that is). So while the total number of sales and total dollar volume of sales was lower than in 2021, it’s also true that many of our most-desirable neighborhoods saw returns that were far above the island median across all three categories (single-family units, condominiums, and available land).

Ready to get started? Let’s get right to it!

Let’s start from the south and work our way up north on the Kona side:

South Kona:

  • 98 single-family units sold, median of $767,500
  • 2 condos sold, median of $457,100
  • 119 parcels of land sold, median of $225,000

No surprises here! South Kona is equal parts laid-back and urbane, with plenty of recreation and natural beauty to entertain its residents and guests. There simply aren’t many condos to be had in this area, but the single-family units that sold have made several new island residents sure to be ecstatic with their purchases.

North Kona:

  • 469 single-family units sold, median of $1.07 million-dollar
  • 422 condos sold, median of $550,000
  • 111 parcels of land sold, median of $629,000

We have a winner for single-family homes! North Kona, featuring some of the island’s best in upscale living, was a smash hit across all three sales categories in 2022. It’s hard to beat the available amenities and surrounding views of Kailua, which makes this island enclave one of the most popular in all of Hawai’i/

South Kohala:

  • 210 single-family units sold, median of $909,000
  • 260 condos sold, median of $1.07 million-dollar
  • 63 parcels of land sold, median of $550,000

The condo king of 2022! While the median sales price for singe-family homes in this sensational region are certainly robust, South Kohala is also notable for its luxurious slate of condo developments, which actually eclipsed single-family homes per the median.

North Kohala:

  • 75 single-family units sold, median of $1.02 million-dollar
  • 61 parcels of land sold, median of $453,000

With few condos available, this exclusive area of the Big Island is world-renowned for its natural setting and ritzy neighborhoods, both contributing to its extremely healthy median sales price for any and all available single-family homes in the region.


So while the books are officially closed for 2022, 2023 is shaping up to be an exciting year in Big Island real estate—which is why you need to call the Big Island’s very best realtor to help you make the coming months your very best yet!